5th Darsana UAE Sangamam- 27th Sep 2013

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Dear All,
The fifth Darsana UAE Sangamam was held on 27th Sep 2013 at Asian Palace Hotel, Al Mubarak Centre, Sharjah, UAE.
The Sangamam was split in two sessions. The first session of the Sangamam was a Technical Seminar by Architect Padmasree G Shankar and the topic was “Sensitizing the Built Environment”. The second session was the General Body of the Darsana UAE Chapter. While the first session was kept open to known acquaintances of Darsana members interested in the topic the second session was obviously for members. A total of 57 Darsana members participated in the Sangamam which included Manoj K C from Bangalore chapter. The technical seminar was attended by around 80 people.
The participants for the technical seminar was welcomed by Darsana UAE Chapter Convener Rafique Zachariah. The session was presided by Arunan T N. The Chief guest was introduced to the attendees by Omar Sheriff. It was one of the most informative, sensitive and motivating lectures I have ever heard from an Architect and that is the feedback we received from all the attendees. He largely spoke about his experiences on the numerous rehabilitation projects which he had done and the challenges he faced in a amazing & gripping narration. He could effectively communicate why the human & social vision was important for engineers. The lecture was followed by a very active discussion in which several members participated. The session lasted for around 3 hours. A momento was presented to the chief guest by E M Pradeepkumar on behalf of Darsana. The seminar was recorded and will very shortly publish the link where you can view this.
The attendees for the Darsana UAE General Body were welcomed by Raheem K M and presided by Dinesh I. After the presidential address, the working report was presented by Convener Rafique Zachariah and the Accounts Report was presented by Treasurer Anoop K V. A lot of members participated in the discussions which followed. Severe criticism on the performance of Darsana Executive Committee, Opportunities for Darsana, Options on how to operate, interesting nostalgic narrations of some incidents during college days and praises for the activities conducted in the last 2 years were all part of the discussion. The attendees were addressed by Darsana EC member from Bangalore Manoj K C. Senior members Krishnakumer V P and Arunan T N were able to clarify a lot of opinions which came during the discussion on the report. Rafique Zachariah on behalf of UAE Chapter and Dinesh I on behalf of Darsana EC replied to the queries and concerns raised by the members, after which the report was approved with an applause. The General Body elected the below members for new UAE Chapter Coordination committee.
  1. Arunan T N (1978-83 EE)
  2. Santosh Kumar (1984-88 CE)
  3. Savio Joseph (1984-88 CE)
  4. Rafique Zachariah (1986-90 CE)
  5. Rajeev T P (1986-90 ME)
  6. Manu Ravindran (1987-91 EC)
  7. Dinesh I (1989-93 ME)
  8. Prakashan Alokan (1989-93 IC)
  9. Sunil Kumar S (1991-95 CE)
  10. Shajith A T (1991-95 CE)
  11. Roopesh Raj (1996-00 EE)
  12. Raheem K M (1998-02 ME)
  13. Manu Jose (2002-06 CE)
  14. Anoop K V (2002-06 EE)
  15. Mohamed Shafeek (2002-06 IC)
  16. Mohamed Sameer (2003-07 EC)
  17. Muneer (2004-08 IC)
  18. Fahad Abdulla (2006-10 CE)
The first meeting of the newly formed UAE CC elected the below office bearers.
  • Convener: Dinesh I
  • Jt Convener’s: Manu Jose and Raheem K M
  • Treasurer: Anoop K V
The newly elected Convener thanked all the members for their participation and the previous office bearers on a job well done. The UAE Sangamam finally dispersed with the pledge to take Darsana to new horizons and the spirit of unity to move forward with more energy & strength.
Convener, Darsana UAE Chapter.

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