Darsana Charter

A: Welfare Schemes

i. To provide educational and financial assistance to poor and needy students pursuing Engineering studies. As part of it, to provide comprehensive educational and living sponsorship to one financially
and socially deprived student in each semester of NSS College of Engineering, Palakkad in the form of an endowment in the name of late Biju Cherian.
ii. Career and higher study support students who get sidelined due to their ordinary background and/or academics, because there are social reasons behind it.

  • Project Guidance for Final Year students and Student mentoring
  • Darsana Skill Development Programme

iii. Survival support to old students of NSS College of Engineering, Palakkad and their families who are subjected to tragic and unfortunate life-situations.

iv. To institute endowments, scholarship, stipends, awards, prizes, rewards and other financial assistance to deserving persons in the field of science and technology, social sciences, art and culture

v. To encourage students who display exemplary academic achievements.
The all-around performance valued upon technical talents, discoveries, thesis and projects of social relevance etc. are also to be the criterion along with the examination marks

vi. To undertake relief measures or channelize help for people affected by natural and/or man-made calamities such as flood, drought, landslide, tsunami, earthquake, epidemics, riots, economic disaster in
fields like agriculture and farming etc.

B: Infrastructure Development Support

vii. To incept, establish, promote, run, maintain and affiliate libraries, reading rooms, training centers, information centers, hotels, auditoriums, meeting places, sports centers, various cultural
troupes and social welfare centers.

viii. To open, found, set-up, run, maintain and support employment generating programmes including factories, small-scale industries, workshops, computer-based centers, art & craft centers and training

C. Advocacy & Activism

ix. To print and publish books, papers, journals, pamphlets, newspapers, and magazines.

x. To organize campaigns, publish/exhibit advertisements, conduct exhibitions, organize seminars and workshops.

xi. To conduct competitions of subject-papers, essays, elocution, quiz, fine arts, performing arts, e-arts, documentaries, tale and mobile films etc. in various levels.

xii. To disseminate the advances in the field of technology to the empowerment of the people at grass root level who usually get alienated from such progress.

xiii. Studies, opinionization and intervention to remould academic curriculum and syllabus of Engineering and technical studies.

xiv. Address critically and intervene in the directionless and anarchic system of course and examination pursued in engineering courses which defeat the very purpose of its academic curriculum.

xv. Interventions in the art and cultural field with a view of imparting new sensibility.

xvi. Interventions and assistance for the support of the basic education sector – local focus:- Akathethara and neighboring panchayats.

xvii. To motivate and involve youth to work against and devise programmes on social evils like drug abuse, alcoholism, child and bonded labour, denial of worker’s rights, discrimination against women work-force, low wages, gender inequalities, denial of justice, victimization, corruption, abuse of environment, illiteracy, AIDS, untouchability, atrocities on caste and communal basis etc., to create
awareness and social order with greater freedom and justice.

xviii. To develop among youth, values like democracy, socialism, secularism and youth leadership.

D. ICT/Science & Technology initiatives for Development

xix. To impart R&D guidance to projects and other research activities.
Special assistance to continuation and extension of project work.
Encouragement to non-academic projects as well.

xx. To implement and conduct all sorts of a survey and research programmes on various aspects related to the scientific, socio-economic and cultural development of the society.

xxi. To appoint investigators, expert committees and commissions on issues, technical and general, that afflict the society from time to time, to study, invite attention and make recommendations to
governments and various public bodies and take necessary actions to see that the corrective measures based on findings are implemented.

xxii. To formulate the basic atmosphere to model institutions that are capable of pioneering research and education in the field of science and technology.

xxiii. To undertake various awareness generative programmes and programmes for socially and economically discriminated sections of the society like Dalits, Adivasis, landless and homeless. Devise programmes for modifying and modernizing traditional industries, development of artisans and women and child development.

xxiv. To conduct programmes to gather and preserve traditional scientific knowledge and folklore which still remain with certain sections of our society in crude form but could be lost forever.

xxv. To promote international cooperation and mutual growth through various programmes and projects that meet the needs of the poorest levels of the society and work for the security of human rights.

E. Networking & Alliances

xxvi. To cooperate with other social and scientific organizations.

xxvii. To organize extensive career networking facility for placement guidance, that can be extremely useful not only for students coming out of college but to the members of the society also.

xxviii. To send and host study groups under the aegis of the society cooperating with other organizations, universities and foundations from inside India and abroad and to meet or accept help in cash or
kind for the expenses incurred.

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