Darsana Technology Corner in Palakkad District Public Library

Darsana Technology Corner 

The executive committee meeting of Darsana held on 14 June 2015 has resolved to setup a Darsana technology corner in Palakkad District Public Library. This was decided based on the discussions on a request sent to Darsana by the Secretary of PDPL. The PDPL has now become one of the model library in the state. Setting up a technology corner by Darsana there will be a good initiative to represent our social responsibility to tbe society.

For this we should donate technology and management related books to the library at the first stage. The books we donate  (as decided by EC ) should be useful reference ones for research in the technology and management fields. Also some text books  should be there.

EC decided to give 2000 books to start with. The books may be collected from our members and potential members. Each person should atleast donate 3 books. Also to purchase new research and reference books EC has decided to make an appeal to all members to donate atleast Rs1000 per person.

If we could collect this before AGB meeting, then the inaguration of the same may be done during AGB.

The collection of books will be cordinated by each chapters in their area and will be cordinated centrally at Palakkad by the Secretary.

All members are requested to donate as much books as you can and donate for this project through chapter convenors.

For further clarifcations in this regard contact Madhu P at +919447042602

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