November 27, 2018

Annual General Body Meetings

Darsana society is as an organization created by alumni of NSS College of Engineering. Darsana functions as a platform for like-minded ex-students to come together and rekindle the friendship. More importantly, it is the only platform available for the ex-students who share a socialistic outlook, to get together, share their thoughts, update themselves on the latest developments and also think and act together to contribute to the society in whatever way they can, in their current fields of work.


AGM Date / Venue of Annual General Body Meeting
8  2nd August 2015 Sunday – NGO Union Hall, Tharekkad, Palakkad. rep
7 10th August 2014 Sunday  –  NGO Union Hall, Palakkad.  rep
6  August 11, 2012 at the IMA Hall, Kozhikkode  rep
5  12th August 2012 – Town Hall, Calicut  rep
4  14th of August, 2010 – Moyan’s UP School, Palakkad  rep
3  9th August 2009, Sunday – Akathethara Panchayath Wedding Hall  rep
2 3rd August 2008 – Palakkad NSSCE Auditorium  rep
1  3rd August 2008- Palakkad NSSCE Auditorium  rep