November 27, 2018

2nd AGM

3rd August 2008 – Palakkad NSSCE Auditorium


From: Dinesh R
Date:3rd August 2008
subject: [ദര്‍ശന] Report of Second Annual General Body of Darsana held at Palakkad NSSCE Auditorium on 3rd August 2008

The second Annual General Body of Darsana was held at Palakkad NSSCE Auditorium on 3rd August 2008. A total of 89 members registered their names for the GB. Including students a total of 99 people participated in the one day long General Body.

The GB got started at around 11 am. Secretary rendered the Welcome address. The GB was presided over by the President of Darsana. We had requested all members to be present with their families and some families had also turned up for the GB. All the mess employees were invited for the initial sessions and nearly 50 of them participated. Many final year students of NSSCE also attended the initial sessions to express their solidarity to darsana. The families of Mani and Krishnaprasad as well as Ratheesh’s brother were also invited and were present during the initial session.

We had planned to invite dignitaries starting from the Chief Minister, the Electricity Minister and MP Mr N N Krishnadas to felicitate the GB and to hand over the funds. None of them could turn up for the GB as they were all in Delhi for the funeral of CPI(M) leader Harkishen Singh Surjeet. Ex Planning Board Member, Mr C P John, who was very much associated with the launching of the progressive student’s movement in NSSCE way back in 1980s was present for the GB and addressed the audience.

President in his address took the audience through the various phases of Darsana formation. He discussed in detail how progressive students movement got started in the campus and how the student leaders of the state in those days helped the movement to grow in strength. He talked in detail about the different initiatives of Darsana and gave a hint of what all Darsana can do in future.

C P John talked in detail about his relationship with the erstwhile SFI unit of NSSCE in his speech that lasted for about an hour. He spoke in detail about his old days in the student’s movement. He said the darsana members although are working in different parts of the world, they are still studying in some classrooms in NSSCE. They are all glued to the past and actuslly living in the past. He said organizations like Darsana is the next evolution of political and organizational growth phase of Kerala. Such movements led by professionals can do so many creative things to the society.

After the Welcome note, Presidential address and the address by C P John, Secretary presented the Report of last one year’s activities. The report was printed and booklets distributed to all the members present there. A copy of the audited accounts statement was also distributed to all members.

Once the report was presented, we moved into the most important function of distributing the funds. It was a very touching and intimate function. Mr Achuthan, the state president of the organization of mess employees, handed over the Mani fund to the family of Mani. Mani’s wife, two kids, Mani’s brother and his wife were present. We had deposited 50000 each in an LIC policy each in the name of each of the childresn, so that they will be benefited at age 18. The Policy documents were handed over to Mani’s wife by Mr Achuthan

Krishnaprasd’s father, sister, her husband and their daughter were present during the function. Comrade Krishnakumar handed over the fund to them. We had decided to put the amount as a joint FD between Darsana and the family members. Total amount was two lakh rupees.

Ratheesh’s brother whose engineering education is being supported by our Oman Chapter also attended the function. He spoke a few words and thanked Darsana for the support

After the function, we broke for lunch. After the lunch all members present were requested to do a self introduction, which was followed by the Group Discussion on the Report presented by the Secretary.

Nearly 20 members participated in the discussions on the report. They expressed their views, after consulting with many others who were present in the GB. It was very constructive and meaningful discussion. While some members pointed out the need for keeping an eye on the expenses, some opined that Darsana should not use the membership fee for meeting the expenses. Instead new and better methods of revenue generation should be decided upon.

Almost all the participants felt last one year’s efforts could help establish the identity of darsana. But we need to be more focused and result oriented.

Darsana’s scope of starting a Consultancy using the vast human resources at its disposal was very seriously looked into. Many participants opined that a repository of talents, interests and technical capabilities of darsana members should be created as early as possible and efforts should be on to use this resource for helping the state of Kerala in its growth.

The slow growth of membership of darsana was criticized by some members. The concept of creating chapters was appreciated as a good initiative and the members felt each chapter should try to create own identity and try and undertake unique events.

Some other points that were raised during the discussion were:
· Darsana should help the students with their Project work and Seminars. Darsana can guide the students to successfully undertake many socially relevant projects and thereby create a social responsibility in their minds as well as through the projects do something meaningful to the society
· Using the expertise of Darsana members, Darsana can very immediately evolve ten or more excellent project ideas. Such ideas should get implemented fast and through the implementation work, membership drive can also be driven at a good pace. More and more people will get attracted to such ideas and will come forward to be a part of the action. Such “action-oriented membership drives” are the need of the hour
·One-time membership fee may not be a great idea. Darsana should think of collecting something like an “annual subscription fee” from its members to take care of its day to day expenses
· So many opportunities are available for Consultancy work in Gulf countries. Using our presence in the middle east, Darsana should try to grab such opportunities and use them as a revenue generation model
· Chapters should be established in all districts and Units should be formed under each chapter
· Darsana should market its activities and achievements in an efficient manner
· Darsana office should be made fully functional
· Darsana should take initiative for the development of Palakkad. Darsana should take up the action to force the government to start an IT Park in Palakkad
· Darsana should act as an industry – educational institution interface.
· Darsana should use the technical expertise of its members and come out with technical papers very regularly
· The membership that has happened so far has come in naturally as a response by committed members. We must take up enough activities to deliberately increase the membership
· Darsana should discuss with corporate bodies and ask them not to include pre-final year students in placement activities. Only final year students should be included in campus placements.
· Job fair helped to establish darsana as an organization, helped to converge the internal energy of darsana and do something creative, helped to establish a very cordial relationship with the present student community of NSSCE
· A subcommittee should be formed to analyze Job Fair activities. It should study the biodatas collected and device methods to support those who couldn’t get placed. The website should be strengthened and used as a 365 day portal for any job seeker to find an appropriate job free of cost.
· A similar job fair should be held at NSSCE by darsana
· What support has Darsana provided to left-wing movement in Kerala? Darsana should emerge as a center that undertakes left oriented progressive developmental activities for entire Kerala. It should evolve as a center where serious discussions and introspection takes place regarding the left-wing politics, ideology, and thoughts. It should create a role model for left politics based development and identify and implement plans for the development of the whole state.
· Job fair helped establish Darsana as an organization well noticed by the media in Palakkad. We must maintain this image. The volunteers proved that present-day students of NSSCE have vast potential and great caliber.
· We should identify why participation from batches after 97 passes out is less in Darsana activities. Is it because they are not yet settled in their life and career?
· More and more members in and around Palakkad should be urged to take active participation in our activities. The absence of many members who were present for the first General Body was criticized.
· Seminar itself gave the image to darsana that it is a progressive leftist oriented organization of engineers

President in his address said that Darsana is an emerging organization and the General Body needs to discuss about the Vision of darsana and its mission at least for next five years and not just the coming one year. Darsana should identify certain core competency areas and start working on them. It can be consultancy work, research or even paper presentations – some areas that may be identified are IT, Career Guidance, Waste Management, Quality Certification and Transportation. Campaign for the IT Park at Palakkad needs to be spearheaded by Darsana. We should work as a facilitator for the new environment that will get created at Palakkad once the Railway Coach factory gets established in Palakkad. Skill Development Programme should be extended to other campuses and should cover more number of students from the weaker segments of the society.

Secretary gave the formal reply to the deliberations. He said that all suggestions of GB will be discussed in the EC and decisions were taken accordingly.

Secretary put across a suggestion to the GB that for one more year the same Executive Committee, as well as the Office bearers, will continue. The GB accepted the proposal.

The new EC consists of 21 members: Sunil V M (President), Niranjan T G, Prasad Mathew (Vice Presidents), Dinesh R (General Secretary), Sarath Chander, Dr T Unnikrishnan (Jt Sec), Saseendran K S (Treasurer), Suresh Kumar MG, Ajith Zachariah, Krishnakumar V P, Arunan, E M Pradeep Kumar, Rupesh C, Rajesh Chandran, Alex Thomas, Radhakrishnan T, Sunil, Jose Varghese, Aji John, Shiju Paul, Vijayakumar.

At the end of the session, the President made the formal announcement of implementing the Biju Cheriyan Endowment programme for the benefit of socially and economically weaker students of NSSCE starting from the admission of 2008 – 09.

It was declared that the GB accepts the report presented by the secretary as well as the audited accounts statement presented by the treasurer.

17 new members joined Darsana during the General Body.

The second Annual General Body of Darsana came to an end by around 5 pm with a pledge to continue the initiatives we have undertaken and make Darsana a more efficient and sprawling organization with clear focus and vision.

Dinesh R