November 27, 2018

3rd AGM

9th August 2009, Sunday – Akathethara Panchayath Wedding Hall, Akathethara, Palakkad 


From: Dinesh R
Date: 9th August 2009, Sunday
subject: [ദര്‍ശന] Report on Darsana Annual General Body on 9th August 2009 at Palakkad



Dear Friends

The third Annual general Body (AGB) of Darsana was held at Akathethara Panchayath Wedding Hall, Akathethara, Palakkad on 9th August 2009, Sunday.

Registration started at 9.00 am and the function got started at around 10.00 am. MP of Palakkad, Com M B Rajesh, inaugurated the AGB.

He talked about his close association with the student’s movement of NSSCE when he was office bearer of district committee of SFI and also asked darsana to take an active role in the development activities of Palakkad, especially education related areas. He said his focus areas as of now are the Railway Coach Factory as well as setting up an IIT in Palakkad.

The AGB was attended by 75 members and 15 associate members. Many darsana members had come with their family members.

After the inauguration, Secretary presented the report of the last one year’s activities. Darsana President, Com V M Sunil presided over the whole function. Soon after the Secretary’s report, group discussions by darsana members started. Many members participated in the discussions

Some major points that were discussed were:
1) Very few activities only done last year
2) Chapters should be strengthened
3) Membership should be increased. Both quantity and quality to be maintained. Batch wise list should be prepared and sincere efforts put in to find out those who have been missed out.
4) More cordial relationship with college management should be tried for and further meetings should happen in college premises.
5) Attendance in GB falling year after year (2007 it was 88, 2008 it was 89)
6) Group mail discussions should be restricted. The kind of discussions happening now give a wrong message about darsana and its purpose. It should be restricted to members only.
7) Darsana Consult should be more effective. Different wings like “Civil Engineer’s wing” should be created. Discussion on various technologies like the “Mud technology for building cost effective buildings” should be initiated in a big way. Darsana Consult should lead the way in creating economically as well as environmentally viable alternative models for development.
8) Biju Cheriyan scholarship should be maintained and continued in a big way
9) Prabhakaran Award for the most socially relevant and green project by final year students should be implemented immediately
10) Instead of dreaming of too many activities, we should focus on very few “implementable” goals and get them done in a very efficient manner

Some Discussions:

Com Salim NE spoke about the potential of having more than 60 members for darsana in Calicut alone. He said chapter meetings should be convened at all possible places within two months. He pointed out that darsana has not been able to develop a feeling of intimacy towards it in the minds of so many members as well as potential members.

Com Dinesh I said we should try to cooperate more with alumni. He demanded that all non-members should be removed from the group mail
Com George (77 – 82) pointed out that darsana should coordinate similar groupings in all other engineering colleges as well. He said we should try and start a finishing school immediately.
Com Arun (95-99) said Palakkad chapter should be more lively. He volunteered to help darsana grab a Data Entry Project that can be done at darsana office. It will help find money to run the office as well as meet daily expenses and will also be a source of income for many needy students waiting for results etc.
Com Omar Sherif said membership should be increased at the earliest.
Com Bindu N P (86-90) said darsana should take up socially relevant projects. “Mud based building technology” that can be developed as an alternative for using sand in construction work is one such area where darsana should take interest in.
Com Somarajan (87-91) said darsana should be serious about starting an acaedemic centre and later on even an engineering college
Com Moon EC (2000-04) said junior batches are still struggling to settle in their career and hence the membership from those batches is less. He said even the group mail behaves as if it is only senior batch members who constitute darsana.
Com Girish K said waste management should start from one’s life. He explained in detail about the two projects he helped the final year students of NSSCE to complete. One was Municipal Solid Waste Management Project for Puthusserry Panchayath and the other was Rain Water Harvesting project done in the NSSCE College campus. He also explained about the “Green Initiatives” concept by which darsana is planning to manufacture furniture from packing wood
Com Shanu who just completed his course from NSSCE and was part of one of the projects helped by Com Girish was the next to talk. It was followed by, their poject guide Com Mohandas (81-86). He said he is more than willing to support more such initiatives by Darsana. Com Shanid, who was also a part of the project group expressed his gratitude to darsana.
Com Manasa Mohan expressed his sadness in not getting permission for the college auditorium. He said group mail must be controlled
Com Mathai Chacko stressed upon the need to spruce up our membership drive. He said we are dreaming a lot rather than implementing things. Focus should be on implementing our decisions rather than keep on day dreaming
He said darsana should soon try to have an own office premise in Palakkad
Com Raghukumar C said, darsana should create an “Infrastructure Development Wing”. Darsana’s focus should be to intervene in engineering education in Kerala.

Earlier, the meeting started off by paying tributes to the great personalities who departed us in the past one year. It included leaders of the communist movement like Com Surjith Singh, E Balanandan, P Ramachandran, Ahalya Ranganekkar, Chitharanjan, Balan Vaidyan, Subhash Chakraborty, first state president of SFI, Com C K Ravi, famous artists Com Murali, Lohithadas, Oduvil Unnikrishnan, Rajan P Dev, Ammannur Madhava Chakyar, Yashoda teacher, Kaumudi teacher, Michael Jackson, D K Pattammal, Gangubhai Hangal, literary stalwarts Madhavikkutty alias Kamala Surayya, C V Sreeraman, P Ayyaneth, K P Appan, Mumbai Blast Victims, Ahmedabad Blast Victims, V P Singh, Panakkad Shihab Thangal, and all others who left us in the last one year period.
Com Shiju Paul presented a resolution on “Global recession and its impact” which was accepted bt the AGB.

Once the discussions were over, the Secretary gave the reply to the discussions. He said the new EC will take the points raised here as the guideline for the year ahead
A new EC was constituted by the AGB and new office bearers selected.

Secretary presented a resolution remembering all the friends who unfortunately got passed away in the previous years and the AGB observed one minute of silence in memory of all our dear friends.

A vote of Thanks was rendered by Com Prasad Mathew
The meeting was over by 1.30pm and lunch followed


Dinesh R


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