November 27, 2018

6th AGM

August 11, 2012 at the IMA Hall, Kozhikkode


From: Madhu
Date: August 21, 2012 at the IMA Hall, Kozhikkode
subject: [ദര്‍ശന] Report on 6th Sixth Annual General Body Meeting – Darsana Charitable Society


The sixth annual general body meeting of the Darsana Charitable Society (Darsana) was significant in more ways than one. It was taking place at a critical juncture in the life of this young society, when all of us were aware that Darsana was at a sort of crossroads, deciding on the course that it should chart for itself. It was also the first time that the AGM was being shifted out of Palakkad, where it has its roots. Therefore, the sixth AGM was one that every single member of Darsana was looking forward to.

The  AGM  was  scheduled  to  be  conducted  on  August  11,  2012  (Saturday)  at  Kozhikkode.  This  was  a deliberate and conscious decision taken by the Executive Committee, to activate and energise chapters other than the one at Palakkad. Once the decision to shift the venue of the AGM was taken, it was left to the Calicut chapter to draft a comprehensive plan to successfully manage the event, as well as the Biju Cheriyan Endowment Seminar, scheduled for the next day, on the theme of Waste Management and Zero Waste Kerala. A Programme Committee was established with Unnikrishnan P C and Rajendran A C  as Chairman and Convenor respectively. Various other sub-­‐committees were formed for the conduct of the seminar, arranging for accommodation, transport, food and other  logistics,  entertainment  programs  as  well  as  organizing  an  interaction  with  the  students  of  engineering colleges, in and around Kozhikkode.  The venue of the AGM was finalized as the IMA Hall  in  Kozhikkode (off Kannur Road).

The  programme  started  at  0930  hrs,  with  the  formal  registration  of  the  participants.  Registration  was handled  by  Ashokan  V,  Omprasad  C  K  and  Raji  P  (a  new  member  –  1995-­‐99  Civil  -­‐  working  in  the  KWA).  The delegates started slowly trickling in and the President, Sri. Suresh Kumar M G, finally called the meeting to order, at 1100hrs. The Programme Committee Chairman, Sri. Unnikrishnan P C, formally welcomed the gathering.  The Chief Guest of the day was the former General Secretary of the Kerala Sastra Sahithya Parishad, Sri. Kodakkad Sreedharan. The theme of his address was the transformation in Kerala – the changes in the social, economic, cultural, political and technical ethos of our state.  While there was understandably, a lot of nostalgia in his talk, it was also a gentle reminder – in his soft voice – of the unhealthy practices that have crept into our society as well as to open our eyes to the dangers of the direction that we are moving in. He was followed by Dr. A Achuthan, who felicitated Darsana on its sixth AGM and reminded us of the need to keep ourselves updated as engineers and technocrats, in the fast changing world of technology.

The  President  then  called  on  the  Presidium  –  consisting  of  Sunil  V  M,  Krishnakumar  V  P,    Vinod  P  and Bindu N S, along with the President and the Secretary – to come up to the dais to control the proceedings. The Annual  Report  for  the  year  2011-­‐12  was  then  presented  by  the  Secretary  and  laid  before  the  gathering  for discussions. (A copy of the report is attached elsewhere).  Ajith Zacahariah delivered a draft proposal for Darsana Consult, explaining the reasons why the Consultancy could not be registered in the year gone by. The President called on each of the members gathered to come up to the dais and introduce himself / herself as well as say a few words about the report presented by the Secretary as well as the draft on Darsana Consult.  The discussions were interrupted by the delicious lunch, which was served in the adjoining dining hall, around 1330hrs.   The discussion on the report which continued post-­‐lunch, focused on the postings in the Darsana group mail as well as the lack of activity and visibility on the website.  There was vehement criticism on the manner in which issues were handled / not handled as well as the delay in getting things moving as far as Darsana Consult (DC) was concerned. Many of the members were also appreciative of the decision to shift the venue of the AGM away from Palakkad and congratulated the Kozhikkode chapter on organizing it so beautifully.  Quite a few of the members also pointed out that Darsana had been able to achieve quite a few things in such a short period of time, amidst so many preoccupations and that we should not be unduly pessimistic.  Rafique Zachariah rightly pointed out that the report did not do full justice to all the activities that the UAE and Oman chapters had carried out over the past one year.  Members like Salim N E, Madhu P and Wilson George voiced the opinion that Darsana should think in terms of networking with other similar organizations in other engineering colleges in the state.

Summarising  the  discussions  and  replying  to  some  of  the  points  raised  by  the  members,  the  Secretary pointed  out  that  amidst  the  generally  dismaying  scenario  of  lack  of  co-­‐ordination  as  well  as  any  worthwhile activity, there were plus points like the fact that Darsana has now come to be recognized as an active organisation in the college (at least amongst the college authorities), interested in the welfare of the students.  Quite a few requests for help from the students are being directed Darsana’s way by the college office.  He also apologized to the  UAE  and  Oman  chapters  for  having  inadvertently  left  out  any  significant  reporting  of  their  activities.  The discrepancy  in  the  increase  in  membership  vis-­‐à-­‐vis  the  lack  of  proportionate  increase  in  membership  fee  as reported was also explained on the basis of the accounts being reported according to the financial year while the increase in the number of members was listed as from one AGM to the other.

The Secretary explained that the latest technical objections to the registration of Darsana Consult required further discussions and would therefore take some more time. He promised that after taking into consideration all view points, the Consult would be registered by September 30, 2012. Accordingly, the Secretary proposed the following resolution for due consideration of the AGM :

‘The Sixth Annual General Body Meeting of the Darsana Charitable Society hereby authorizes the Executive Committee of the Society which will be in office during 2012-­‐13, to nominate the required number of members to the  General  Body  of  Darsana  Consult  and  further,  to  take  all  necessary  action  to  register  the  Consult,  at  the earliest.”

The resolution was passed unanimously by the AGM, with a show of hands.

Replying to the points raised by the members regarding the type and number of postings in the group mail and elsewhere, Krishnakumar V P clarified that while Darsana would not impose any kind of ‘censoring’ on the content or tone of the mail being sent to the group,  it should be ensured that the postings do not cross the limits of decorum  and do not become personal, in a public forum like the Pothuvedi.  He shared and appreciated the concern  of  the  members  that  of  late,  some  of  the  postings  and  e-­‐mail  in  the  group,  were  being  indicative  of intolerance and were quickly slipping into personal and highly derogatory attacks. He appealed to the members to exercise  self-­‐restraint  in  their  postings  and  keep  in  mind  the  fact  that  their  postings  had  a  wider  audience  – spanning batches and perhaps, generations with distinct cultural differences – and were not limited to a personal, one-­‐on-­‐one correspondence and as such, needed to remain within generally acceptable limits of decorum and decency.  Sarat Chander, then presented a brief report on the role played by Darsana in helping Com. Arjun (2010) fight against the victimization carried out by a section of the faculty in college – he, as had been reported in the group,  has  now  joined  for  the  MTech  programme  at  IIT  Guwahati,  having  passed  the  examination,  after  re-­evaluation.  The report was a summary of the postings and e-­‐mail on the subject, in the Darsana mail group.

Krishnakumar V P, on behalf of the outgoing Executive Committee (EC), presented a probable panel of EC members for the year 2012-­‐13. They were –

(i) Suresh Kumar M G

(ii) Madhu Mohan N

(iii) Krishnakumar V P

(iv) Asokan V

(v) Manoj K C

(vi) Sunil V M

(vii) Dinesh I

(viii) Wilson V George

(ix) Dinesh R

(x) Prasad Mathew

(xi) Hareendranath M

(xii) Ajith Zachariah

(xiii) Sarat Chander T C

(xiv) Muhammad A

(xv) Sabu G

(xvi) Alex Thomas

(xvii) Shanu C

(xviii)  Bindu N S

(xix)  Salim N E

(xx) Vinod P (Nambisan) and

(xxi) Lineesh Kumar T V.

Reflecting the new-­‐found energy and importance of the Kozhikkode chapter, it now has a five-­‐member representation in the EC.  The new members proposed were

(i) Salim NE,

(ii) Muhammad A,

(iii) Bindu N S,

(iv) Vinod P (Nambisan) and

(v) Wilson V George.

The AGM approved the list of proposed names by a show of hands.  It was further proposed that

(i) Dr. Sreenadhan S,

(ii) Dr. Rajan Babu N,

(iii) Shiju Paul N,

(iv) Arunan T and

(v) Niranjan T G

would be invitees to the deliberations of the EC.

The AGM took a break for tea, when the newly constituted EC met briefly to elect the office bearers for the year 2012-­‐13.  They are

(i) Suresh Kumar M G – President,

(ii) Ajith Zachariah and Dinesh R – Vice Presidents,

(iii) Madhu  Mohan  N  –  Secretary,

(iv)  Asokan  V  and  Sarat  Chander  –  Jt.  Secretaries  and

(v)  Prasad  Mathew  – Treasurer.

This information was conveyed to the AGM when it reconvened after tea and the list was duly approved by a show of hands. The attendance at the AGM was finalized at 89, with eight new membership applications coming in.

The sixth AGM of the Darsana Charitable Society was then formally declared closed at 1700hrs, after a Vote of Thanks.

The family get-­‐together and Ifthar conducted as part of the sixth AGM of Darsana, got underway at the same  venue,  shortly  after  1730hrs.  It  was  formally  inaugurated  by  Com.  K  P  Kunhikannan,  Director  of  the Keluvettan Study Centre. He spoke at length about the effect of neo-­‐colonialism and globalization on the shaping of the general mindset and about the need to be aware and vigilant against such tendencies. He also touched upon the sensationalizing and the recent trend of ‘manufacturing’ of news by the media.  He was followed by Haneefa Ambadi, script writer and former SFI activist, who felicitated Darsana, on arranging such a gathering.

The gathering got off to a great start with the orchestra by Friends, Perambra, providing the right ambience. The choice of songs by Mr. Manoj and Ms. Rinsha, gave the right mix of nostalgia and lovely music, taking most of us down memory lane, reviving memories of evenings and nights spent in front of the hostel and the main block of the  college.  Around  1830  hrs,  the  Ramzan  fast  was  broken,  with  a  sumptuous  spread  that  was  typically Kozhikkodan.  Most  of  the  Darsana  members  with  families,  could  be  seen  tucking  into  the  delicacies  with enthusiasm, so much so that one could be forgiven for assuming that they had prepared themselves for the Ifthar by starving themselves for a couple of days.  The music provided the right background for the Ifthar. It was not very long before some of the established ‘singers’ in Darsana, like Vinod Nambisan, and Somaraj R, came on to the stage by popular demand, to sing their signature songs. The family members of Darsana members also joined in, notable amongst them being Naveen (husband of Bindu N S), daughters  of Udayan, Sajith and Rafique.  The spirit was so high that Ambujakshan’s son, Niranjan, went up on stage to dance along with the troupe to one of the foot-­‐tapping numbers. Bowing to popular demand, Ajith Zachariah, also took up the microphone, to sing / recite one of the haunting poems penned by ONV Kurup, for the recently concluded SFI State Conference.  At the very end, the stage was taken over by Suresh Kumar MG, Somaraj R, Dinesh R, Sunil Menon, Ajith Zachariah, Manoj KC,  Kabeer T, Vinod Nambisan, etc, for some of the memorable KPAC songs. The programme fittingly came to an end with a full-­‐throated rendering of Balikudeeragale.

The sixth AGM proved once again, if it was necessary, that the spirit that bound us all together during our college  days  and  brought  us  together  for  the  formation  of  Darsana,  was  very  much  alive  and  kicking.  The Kozhikkode  chapter  of  Darsana  deserves  special  kudos  for  organizing  a  programme  that  was  amazing  by  its vibrance, vitality, attention to detail and the feeling of camaraderie that it generated. It has set the benchmark for the next AGM and hopefully, it will be better in terms of attendance, participation, fun and the spirit of Darsana.