November 27, 2018

7th AGM

10th August 2014 Sunday  at NGO Union Hall, Palakkad.


From: Dinesh R
Date: Mon, Aug 11, 2014 at 10:32 PM
subject: [ദര്‍ശന] Report on 7th Darsana AGB and Biju Cheriyan Memorial Talk


Dear Friends

The Seventh Annual General Body of Darsana was conducted yesterday (10th August 2014 Sunday) at NGO Union Hall, Palakkad.

AGB was inaugurated by Com M B Rajesh, MP of Palakkad. Com Rajesh spoke about the flaws in the economic policy being followed by the Modi Government and cited many examples to show that it is just a continuation of the policies that were followed by the UPA Government.
He pointed out the similarity in many polices including allowing FDI in insurance, defense etc.
He said the Govt is making big noise about the 2.5 Lakhs Crore subsidy and are taking steps to stop it, whereas almost 15 Crores is being wasted by them. Nearly 4.5 Cr is the tax waiver being given to corporates, another 4.5 Crores in tax that never gets collected, another 3 Cr is the NPA of banks from Corporate clients and another 3 Cr is the loss due to treaty with many countries to avoid double taxation.
He also pointed out that 40% of the FDI that has already come to India is from the tiny country of Mauritius, which is known as a tax free money laundering haven for cash rich Indian businessmen.
73 attendees were there including around 55 Darsana members. Almost 15 to 20 NSSCE Students and ex students also attended.
The inauguration function was followed by “Prof VIswanathan Sir Memorial function”. Dr M P Parameswaran delivered the key note address. Prof Somasekharan, our ex Principal and De Geetha K, Principal of NSSCE also attended. Many Darsana members including Comrades V P Krishna Kumar, V M Sunil, M G Suresh Kumar, Omprasad, Somarajan, Niranjan as well as Viswnathan Sir of NSSCE Mechanical Dept also spoke about their relationship with Viswanathan Sir. Ajith Zachariah had made the introductory remarks and Rajan Babu Sir rendered Vote of Thanks.
It was followed by presentation of Report by Darsana Secretary
Treasurer Rajan Babu Sir presented the Accounts & Audit report
Com Somon Britto addressed the AGB after the lunch break.
He spoke about his student days, when there was no SFI in any engineering college
He said, most of the SFI units in Engineering colleges in Kerala got started after the emergency preiod.
He said he highly appreciates Darsana, an organization which still strives hard to keep up the social commitment of engineers, which is slowly fading away from the professional community.
Many Darsana members including Com Mathai Chacko, Jayasheelan, Saseendran, Haynes, Atul, Arjun, Thomas Pious, Ananthakrishnan participated in the discussions on the Report presented by secretary
The report and accounts statement were accepted by the AGB after the reply by Secretary
The election process for the new Executive Committee took place with Com M G Suresh Kumar acting as the Returning Officer.
The panel presented by Secretary was unanimously accepted.

List of the new EC members is given at the end of this mail as well as, as an attachment.

On the previous day, 9th August Saturday, at 3pm, we had the “Biju Cheriyan Memorial Talk” on “Self Financing Sector and its impact on Kerala’s Higher Education”, at the same venue.
Dr Joy Job Kulavelil, ex President of AKPCTA and member of Justice Muhammed Committe as well as the current Justice James Committee presented the first paper.
Dr B Sasikumar, HOD ogf Dept of Mechanical Engg at Kottayam Engg College (RIT) and State Committee member of KGOA spoke aboutthe various phases of emergence of Self financing sector in Kerala’s Engg education
Dr K N Ganesh made an excellent presentation on today’s education scenario, demand- supply gaps, the attitude of parents who push the kids to professional courses etc etc.
Com V M Sunil was the moderator


It was followed by a Gaana Mela by “Palakkad Mehfil”. It lasted till 11pm and was well attended.
Sl No Name Batch Mobile Location
1 Ajith Zachariah 1989 9447010893 Palakkad President
2 Shanu S 2009 9645124616 Thrissur Vice President
3 Niranjan T G 1989 9995892109 Palakkad Vice President
4 Madhu P 1994 9447042602 Palakkad General Secretary
5 Thomas Pious 2013 9585011775 Ooty Joint Secretary
6 Ashok V 1989 9447721968 Palakkad Joint Secretary
7 Dinesh R 1995 9745000083 Trivandrum Treasurer
8 M G Suresh Kumar 1988 9447640600 Kozhikode EC Member
9 Salim N E 1991 9446008464 Kozhikode EC Member
10 Dinesh I 1993 UAE UAE EC Member
11 Sunil K A 1995 Oman Oman EC Member
12 Prasad Mathew 1988 9447234080 Palakkad EC Member
13 Somarajan 1991 9446061727 Alleppey EC Member
14 Alex Thomas 1991 9847208108 Kottayam EC Member
15 Manoj K C 1989 9845692010 Bangalore EC Member
16 Tony 1997 9846225334 Ernakulam EC Member
17 Rupesh 1999 9447493933 Palakkad EC Member
18 Nikhil T P 2002 9496001528 Palakkad EC Member
19 Rajesh Chandran 2004 9495535333 Trivandrum EC Member
20 Mohammed Shameer 2008 UAE UAE EC Member
21 Babeesh 2010 9995570560 Kozhikode EC Member
11 Invitees were also selected
1. V P Krishna Kumar
2. Arunan
3. Shiju Paul
4. Omprasad
5. Madhu Mohan
6. Manikantan
7. Sunil Menon
8. ANilkumar K V
9. Dr Rajan Babu
10. Dr Sreenadhan
11. V M Sunil