November 27, 2018

8th AGM

Sunday, 2nd August 2015 – NGO Union Hall, Tharekkad, Palakkad



From: Manoj KC
Date: Fri, Aug 7, 2015 at 10:52 AM
subject: [ദര്‍ശന] Report on 8th AGB of Darsana Charitable Society
Dear Friends,
The 8th Annual General Body meeting of Darsana Charitable Society was held at NGO Union Hall, Tharekkad, Palakkad on Sunday, 2nd August 2015.
The meeting was attended by 42 Darsana members and 14 final year students of NSS College of Engineering, Palakkad. The meeting started at 10.30 am and was inaugurated by Sri P Sreeremakrishnan, MLA. He addressed the audience as a friend of most of the members of Darsana and said the uniqueness of darsana itself is its biggest attraction. He explained the current social situation and said an organization like Darsana can contribute much to enhance the living standards of the common man in current day social situation.
Darsana President Ajith Zachariah presided over the inauguration function and Secretary Madhu P rendered the welcome address. The meeting had started with a remembrance of the 3 friends who passed away last year. The condolence message was read by Darsana President Ajith Zachariah.
The presentation of the report and discussion on the report was conducted in a group discussion mode, with all members forming a circle and getting in to a detailed discussion on the present state of Darsana and with ideas on how to strengthen it such that we are able to realise the goals we have set. The discussions were free flowing and interventions or moderations were minimal to ensure that people speak their mind out especially on how to take the organisation forward.
Taking in to consideration the past criticism that the EC is nominated and almost always there is no attempt to get enthusiastic and fresh faces in to the committee, each and every participant was asked a direct question on their willingness to be part of the EC and whether they can devote some time to the organisation. All comrades who said yes, are inducted in the EC.

Few of the must do initiatives for the coming year are listed below. This evolved as an outcome of the discussion.

1. A Convention of like minded ex students of 2000 to 2015 batches of NSSCE to be convened. Planning with start immediately with existing members reaching out to their friends in these batches. Idea is to have the convention by end of this year.
2. Technology seminar to be organised preferably along with this convention or as a separate event.
3. Activities for fulfilling the commitment on Darsana Technology Corner has been initiated. This will be coordinated and closed in a time bound manner. After the inauguration, there will be ongoing initiatives to enhance the Technology centre and make it a must visit place for technologists in that region.
4. Biju Cheriyan Endowment to be disbursed in a timely manner. Improve participation in this initiative. Last year other than the remittances from Gulf countries, we had only 9 people contributing. As always the objective is to spread the participation in this initiative and ensure that all members take atleast one unit of 500Rs.
5. Plan the Skill Development Programme

This is a very brief and must do list. The EC will convene regularly and ensure that more programs are taken up in a planned manner. More importantly the expectation is that the chapters will take up and drive major initiatives on their own.

List of EC members are provided below.
1) Ajith Zachariah (President) 1989 Palakkad
2) Shanu (Vice President) 2008 Thrissur
3) Somarajan R (Vice President) 1991 Kottayam
4) Nikhil T P (Vice President) 2002 Palakkad
5) Madhu P (General Secretary) 1994 Palakkad
6) Thomas Pious (Joint Secretary) 2013 Manjeri
7) Manoj K C (Joint Secretary) 1989 Bangalore
8) Babeesh P P (Joint Secretary) 2010 Kozhikode
9) Sabu G (Treasurer) 1993 Adimali
10) Arunan (UAE) 1983
11) M G Suresh Kumar 1988 Kozhikode
12) Manikantan N 1989 Palakkad
13) Soman K K 1991 Kottayam
14) Prasad Mathew 1988 Palakkad
15) Sunil K A (Oman) 1995
16) Dinesh R 1995 Trivandrum
17) Byju D 1997 Salem
18) Tony 1997 Ernakulam
19) Rajesh Chandran 2004 Trivandrum
20) Muhammed Sameer (UAE) 2008
21) Athul 2012 Thrissur

A detailed report is attached here. Darsana 8th AGB Report

Manoj KC
On behalf of secretary.