Darsana Bangalore Chapter has 115 members. A large part of the chapter members are employed in the IT. As most members are still in “Work from home” mode, many of our members are in Kerala. A few of the initiatives that Bangalore chapter has undertaken are:

- Darsana Job Portal: Main objective of the portal is to help Darsana members to find a job or to move to better roles and jobs. The portal provides a single platform to pool in all the job requirements known to Darsana members across the globe. It was Inaugurated by Com. Krishnakumar on 8th January 2022. It was well received in the beginning and several job openings were put up by our members. Gradually the use of the portal showed a down trend. In the coming year, we need to brainstorm and take corrective actions to re-energise the platform. The job portal was designed and realized under the leadership of Com. Ajith Prasad, Com. Jose Varghese and Com. Arjun K P

- Career Explorer Talk: With an objective to provide guidance to Engineering Students to choose their career paths after the Degree, an Online Expert Panel discussion was conducted. This was open to all Engineering students across Kerala. It was planned as a series of sessions to cover all the engineering branches. The first in this series “Career Paths in IT” was conducted on 22 Jan 2022. The Panelists were Com. Mukundan Annamalai, Com. ArunanThayyil and Com. Dinesh I. The other sessions planned in the series were put on hold in view as the participation from the student crowd was not high as expected. An analysis following the first session indicated that student communities, in general, are not giving priority for such webinars.

- Com. Mukundan Annamalai conducted 2 talks to the students in NSSCE campus. These talks were well received by the students. The talks were: “Future of Information Technology” on 27th Oct 2021 and “A Typical day in a Large IT Organization” on 26th Nov 2021.

- Members from the Bangalore chapter played a key role in ensuring the success of IGNITE 2022. 

- Darsana Fund collection: As always, Bangalore chapter members contributed towards Darsana Fund. 88 out of 115 members (77%) contributed. 

- Support To Society: With the objective of supporting the community we are in; a School at Kolar Gold Fields that requires our intervention was visited by Com. Arunan, Vineeth VS and Sathian in June 2022. This School has Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary classes. The students are from poor backgrounds. They are the children of daily wagers of the area. The school is supported by the CPM for its operation.  The number of teachers is less than the number of the classes/divisions. The salary for the teachers is very low and is not paid regularly. There is no support up to 7th standard from the government and the school is managed with the meager fees of Rs.200/ month received from students. We are in the process of identifying areas we could help and a plan is being made.

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- Fun Events:

o Euro cup prediction Contest – The winners of the prediction contest were: Deego and Sathian. 

o Caption Contest - “AdikkurippuMalsaram” was conducted among chapter members on 17th November 2021. The Winners were Asif Ramthan and Biju K. The contest was organised by Com. Vineeth PS and Com. Jeeson

o Film Based Fun Quiz: A filmi fun quiz “70 MM Cinema Pranth Quiz'' was Organized for the whole Darsana family. There was an encouraging response for the program. It was hosted by Sindhu P R and organized with the support of Comrades Vineeth P S and Jeeson. The Winners were Kiran (Palakkad Chapter 2009), Sudhish( Bangalore Chapter – 2002), Deego ( Bangalore Chapter – 2010)

Recent Activities

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February 01, 2023

Kolar Gold Fields (KGF)

On behalf of the Bangalore chapter, happy to share that the first milestone of our support program to Mysore Mines School, Kolar Gold Fields (KGF) was achieved on 17 Dec 2022. The school is organi

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February 01, 2023

House No 10 by Darsana

Feb 2023Feb 2023   The 10th house build by Darsana is Handed over at Palakkad.This milestone was made possible by the massive efforts of our Palakkad chapter and the house

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