Palakkad chapter plays an active role in the planning, organization, campaigning, and execution of many programs of Darsana. The specific programs for which Palakkad chapter had a major role to play in the last year are listed below. The chapter has a 16-member coordination committee and regular online CC meetings are happening. Darsana's previous office bearers and senior members were also included to guide the committee.

- The Palakkad chapter participated in the campaign, promotion and in organizing the Darsana AGB and BCS talk. Chapter CC could ensure the presence of over 50 members from the chapter for the BCS talk and the AGB. Four members of the Palakkad chapter were selected for the Darsana Executive Committee

- Fund Collection Drive: Palakkad chapter used the fund collection drive as an opportunity to campaign for various Darsana activities. As a result of a strong campaign, 53 members of our chapter contributed to the general fund.

- IGNITE 2022: Palakkad chapter actively involved and led from the front in this edition of IGNITE. Chapter members actively contributed to the planning campaign, execution and completion of the program.Palakkad chapter members visited several educational institutions in Palakkad, Malappuram, and Thrissur districts and met with the officials as part of the IGNITE campaign.

- House construction: The project, funded by KCS, is presently in the planning stage. The Palakkad chapter has been actively involved in all the stages till now, including visiting the beneficiary and discussing their requirements, site visits, and planning.

- Palakkad Chapter was instrumental in executing the Biju cherian scholarship program. All the physical activities relating to BCS were executed by the chapter. Chapter members visit the houses of the candidates before awarding the scholarship. This year, 8 out of the ten house visits were conducted by members of the Palakkad chapter. The Palakkad chapter successfully organized and conducted the scholarship distribution ceremony. Three members of the chapter were physically present for the same.

- BCES Mentoring Program: Broadening the BCES program to provide continuous guidance and mentoring to the beneficiaries of the scholarship through their graduate program has been on the agenda of Darsana for some time now. As the first steps toward this, two programs were conducted under the guidance of K. A. Nandajan – counselor, trainer, mentor, and a member of the Darsana Palakkad chapter. ‘Learn the Art of Mentoring’, a three-day online workshop (from 13th to 15th June 2022), was organized for the Mentors to help them prepare for the challenges of mentoring. The program was organized and coordinated by the Palakkad chapter and saw the participation of over 35 members. It was decided that refreshment sessions of similar nature will be required at regular intervals once we commence the mentoring activities. An ice-breaking session, ‘Dare to Dream’, was conducted for the students (mentees) on 3rd July 2022. The session was conducted offline and was attended by 20 students and 11 chapter members.

- BRIDGE program: Although the program is planned and executed by Trivandrum and Cochin chapter Palakkad chapter supported with activities related to college. Conducted the inaugural session of the Bridge program at the college. 


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February 01, 2023

Kolar Gold Fields (KGF)

On behalf of the Bangalore chapter, happy to share that the first milestone of our support program to Mysore Mines School, Kolar Gold Fields (KGF) was achieved on 17 Dec 2022. The school is organi

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February 01, 2023

House No 10 by Darsana

Feb 2023Feb 2023   The 10th house build by Darsana is Handed over at Palakkad.This milestone was made possible by the massive efforts of our Palakkad chapter and the house

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